Ensuring your product works in all aspects is a wise precaution before placing it on the market. In some respects, it’s even a legal obligation. Labatus carries out testing for a long line of leading manufacturers within TV and media services.


ON DEMAND services packages

Our aim is to support you with testing facilities for what you need, when you need them. We can help you with everything from EMC, safety and environmental testing to hands-on modification support and testing wrap-up if you need to leave us before everything is tested.


ON TOP of the European market

Having testing facilities to carry out every test and verification needed to bring DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T as well as IPTV and IDTV in to the European market place, we are per se on top of the European market. Furthermore, we can carry out unique EMC testing possibilities according to the broadcasting standards EN 55013 and EN 55020 as well as IT standards EN 55022 and EN 55024. We are ready to help you in every step along the way: from pretesting to full compliance testing prior to production.


ON TIME to market

Most manufacturers today are developing their products by integrating prefabricated components often delivered by several suppliers. This creates the need for extensive and effective test and verification work in order to insure that the products meet the end customer needs regarding functionality, stability, robustness and performance. Labatus has a vast experience in developing and testing digital media products and we know what it takes to get you to the market on time. We are able to support you throughout the process, help you modify the product and if necessary test again. Many problems can be solved immediately and as a result minimize the cost and time of testing.


ON LOCATION problem solving

Labatus has the capability to move parts of the test laboratory to client premises. This makes it possible to perform final testing in the operators’ live networks as well as setting up field testing schemes for consumers.